Tell us about you and David Foster Wallace

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If you’re like me, you’ve ignored several sets of responsibilities this week to read The Pale King [Editors, publicists, English 1010 students, family, ophthalmologist, and others: if I haven’t gotten back to you, I promise to return to being a responsible person next week].

We want to know what it’s like to be you and encounter this new book, or to be you when you first discovered David Foster Wallace.

We’re inviting readers, authors, critics, professors, and fans of all kinds to record responses to David Foster Wallace on our digital storytelling platform, Broadcastr. Maybe you could read a favorite passage, or tell a story about finding This is Water, or share a your thoughts on the influence DFW has had on writers everywhere, “I first discovered David Foster Wallace when…”, or “What I like about Consider the Lobster is…” or anything at all.

An archivist at the Ransom Center, which acquired the Wallace archives in 2009, tells her story here.

Record yours and tag it “PaleKing.” We’ll share the mess of them here and everywhere in the next few weeks.

— Anna, The Outlet’s editor.

PS. Are you near UT-Texas? Tonight, 4/15, readings to celebrate release of The Pale King at the Ransom Center (readers include EL contributor Kevin Brockmeier, Doug Dorst, Amelia Gray and Jake Silverstein). If you’re not in Austin, you can watch the live Web cast here.

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