The 20 Most Instagrammable Bookstore Cats

Go on a road trip to find these literary felines

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There’s something magical about stepping into a bookstore and finding a cat lounging on a well-worn arm chair surrounded by rows and rows of books. After all, cats make the coziest reading companions. I spent the day scouring social media for the most photogenic feline booksellers so you know which indie bookstore to visit next. Here are the twenty most adorable literary cats on Instagram:

Tess from the Book Bin

In addition to her full-time job as a bookstore cat, Tess is also a medal-winning gymnast.

Jack from Copperfield’s Books

Jack partied a little too hard at the literary party last night.

Bob from Recycle Bookstore

Bob loves 17th century literature, long walks to the cash register, and mice sandwiches.

Charlotte from Rhino Booksellers

Charlotte’s special ability is hypnotizing humans into buying books. Look into those steely green eyes and walk out with ten new hardcover books.

Owen from Aardvark Books

Feel free to pick up any book but the ones that Owen is sleeping on!

Annika from Cupboard Maker Books

Annika wants to you know that cats make excellent bookends.

Bob from Old Florida Book Shop

Need help reaching that book? Bob the climber is here to help!

Loving Like Cats and Dogs

Princess Reya from Bart’s Books of Ojai

Princess Reya is living her #bestlife outdoors in the California sunshine. #Blessed #PrayerEmoji #WokeUpLikeThis

Tiny the Usurper from Community Bookstore

Tiny the Usurper is the feline co-owner of an indie bookstore in Brooklyn where he rules over his minions (a.k.a human booksellers) with an iron paw.

Walter Dean from Wild Rumpus Books for Young Readers

Where’s Walter?

Otis from Loganberry Books

Otis wants you to know that he has zero tolerance for canines (even emotional support dogs).

Isabelle from Crescent City Books

Isabelle accepts payment of knitwear.

Samuel Beckett from Atlanta Vintage Books

Store closed for catnaps.

Pico and Lemon from BooksActually

During the day, Singaporean booksellers Pico and Lemon man the desk of a bookstore in Tiong Bahru. At night, they’re hunters on the prowl for chilli crab in Geylang.

Mystery Cat from Libreria Acqua Alta

This Venetian cat is proof that books make the coziest blankets.

How to Become a Cat Lady

Harry from Bookhaven

Harry is pondering the meaning of life after his fifth re-read of My Struggle by Karl Ove Knausgaard.

Esmé from Small World Books

Esmé recently wrote a scathing review in the New York Times of Jonathan Franzen’s new book.

Catsby from Gallery Bookshop

Why are the shelves empty you ask? Well, Catsby got a little hungry and ate all the books. He’s sorry, but like not really.

Scout from Hyde Brothers Booksellers

Want to buy a book? You have to pry it from the claws of Scout first.

Apollo from Iliad Bookstore

Who needs a guard dog or a security camera when you have Apollo the Majestic on the lookout for potential book thieves?

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