The 40 Best #FictionDates

From author sexting to Twitter love stories to blog trolls spewing vitriol about their spurned love, we’re pretty big fans of digital romance here at Electric Literature.

Last week, we hosted a contest with Other Press for the best tweets fitting the theme of #FictionDates. The contest was judged author Elizabeth Cohen, and three winners received signed copies of her brand new collection The Hypothetical Girl, a book of digital love stories.

Below are the 3 prize winning entries, along with other honorable mentions (including Jodi Picoult!).*

Elizabeth Cohen, author of the collection “Hypothetical Girl” (Other Press), judged a contest for the best tweets fitting the #FictionDates theme. Here are the winners and other notable entries.

*Lolita references have been excluded, because, there were too many of them and they were all awful by definition.

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