Diane Arbus Reviews awkwardfamilyphoto.com

The baby as a pearl in an oyster shell adds a nice touch

  1. Awkward Family Photo #1, “Lobster Bisque”: Where did they even get the costumes? These are professional lobster suits. And the baby as a pearl in an oyster shell adds a nice touch, even if it is backlit from the sunset. Making a mental note to find out where they sourced these outfits. 
  2. Awkward Family Photo #2, “On the Rocks”: Excellent strategy to continue with the photo shoot even though the little brother is uncooperatively throwing a tantrum. Captures real family life. 
  3. Awkward Family Photo #3, “Laser Clown”: This formally staged portrait of a family with only one clown in full makeup is more frightening than my own work. I like how it can be interpreted literally or metaphorically. The green curly wig is a nice touch.   
  4. Awkward Family Photo #4, “Bad Bunny”: I wonder if the Easter Bunny holding this toddler is a burn victim, given the gauze-like strips of the bunny mask. If so, that’s a brilliant idea.
  5. Awkward Family Photo #5, “Oh Deer”: Nice contrast to have the family photographed in situ with their family pet, a deer, in repose on the couch. It’s always great to see how real families live. I haven’t seen this kind of genius since Frida Kahlo.  
  6. Awkward Family Photo #6, “The Litter”: 27 dogs is too many. Never use more when one will do. The hulking mastiff in the bottom right with drool on its jowls is sufficient.  
  7. Awkward Family Photo #7, “Creep Show”: This photograph is excellently titled. Bonus points for using cheap plastic Mickey Mouse masks on children in a delightfully spooky way. 
  8. Awkward Family Photo #8, “Rat Tales”: Given this subject’s ability to balance a rat on the side of her face, I wonder if she has formal circus training. 
  9. Awkward Family Photo #9, “Ho Ho No”: Interesting idea to stage co-workers with Santa. Showcases a mixture of emotions and states of sobriety. I hadn’t realized how ripe the subject of interoffice relationships is. 
  10. Awkward Family Photo #10, “Twins”: Twinning with a doll, incredible. Wish I’d thought of that. 

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