The Covers for Harper Lee’s Go Set A Watchman Are Pretty Nice!

If you’ve paid any attention to literary news this year, you’ve heard about Harper Lee’s semi-sequel to her acclaimed To Kill a Mockingbird. The supposedly lost manuscript was found a few months ago and is being published this summer. There has been a storm of controversy around the novel’s publication with charges of shady lawyers and elder abuse (an investigation into the latter found no grounds for a case). But another controversy over the sequel, Go Set a Watchman, was this ugly cover that floated around the internet:


Yikes! It’s not clear where this cover came from — it’s still currently the cover on Goodreads and other sites — but it won’t be the cover on the US or UK editions. The actual covers are actually pretty nice! Here’s the especially nice US cover from Harper (the publisher):

Harper Lee watchmen

And here is the UK cover from William Heinemann:


As for the insides of the book, well, we won’t know about that till July.

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