The Great 2014 Indie Press Cheat Sheet

Photo by Andrew Seaman on Unsplash

Welcome to the Great 2014 Indie Press Cheat Sheet. It’s main purpose is to help lay out the indie press publishing landscape as it stands in 2014. Take one look at the list and you’ll agree: Indie publishing is as strong as ever, with upwards of 70 publishers offering up an amazing amount of talent. It’s second purpose is to facilitate some new connections, new discoveries. When it comes to picking and choosing the right books, it helps to have as many resources as you can get. It isn’t really cheating if the dirty work has been done beforehand.

I hope there are a few presses on here deemed new and unfamiliar enough that you’ll end up jotting down the name of the press, the author of that one book that caught your eye, and maybe even end up with a wish list of books that swells out of proportion. Also, I’ve gathered recommendations from top writers, publishers, and editors in the community in the form of a companion piece, The Great 2014 Indie Press Preview, to offer some guidance and, maybe, a second opinion. So, take a deep breath, to copy down some titles, and get ready for the next discovery.


Before You Were Born by Daniel Beauregard (January)

Winner of the 421 Atlanta Chapbook Prize in Short Prose, judged by Mary Miller (April/May)

New Oldest Land by Guy Benjamin Brookshire (August/September)

Poetry chapbook by Lauren Traetto (title tk) (November/December)


Rain of the Future by Valerie Mejer

Wetlands by Bruxa Lucas de Lima

Sorrowtoothpaste Mirrorcream by Kim Hyesoon (trans. Don Mee Choi)

Only Jesus Could Icefish in Summer by Abraham Smith

Wild Grass on the Riverbank by Hiromi Ito (trans. Jeffrey Angles)


That’s When the Knives Come Down by Dolan Morgan (August)

Afforded Permanence by Liam Day (December)


Lift from the memory, not the legs: Collected Poems 2007–2013 by Leah Angstman (March)

Poiesis Review #7: A Journal of Poetry, Prose, Creative Nonfiction (May)

The Poor Man’s Guide to an Affordable, Painless Suicide: Stories by Schuler Benson (June)

Between Field & Fallow: Stories about Nebraska by Casey Francis (August)

Impossible Monsters: A Novel by Robert James Russell (November)

Footnote #2: A Literary Journal of History (November)


Bone River by Benjamin Lowenkron (January)

I Don’t Know Do You by Roberto Montes (March)

We Take Me Apart by Molly Gaudry (March)

For the Woman Alone by Ashley Iguanta (May)

Desire by Molly Gaudry (October)


Wolf Doctors by Russ Woods (March)

KILL MANUAL by Cassandra Troyan (October)


Across My Big Brass Bed by Gary Amdahl (January)

Here/Other by Kat Dixon (March)

With Lorraine All Day by Kristen Orser (April)

The Memory of Planets by Ryan W. Bradley (April)

Roller Girls Love Bobby Knight by Michael Wayne Hampton (May)

Hush Up and Listen Stinky Poo Butt by Ken Sparling (July)

Dad Says He Saw You at the Mall by Ken Sparling (July)

My Next Bad Decision by Nathan Graziano (September)

Bare Bulbs Swinging by Meg Tuite, Michelle Reale and Heather Fowler (November)


The Expedition to the Baobab Tree by Wilma Stockenström (April)

Harlequin’s Millions by Bohumil Hrabal (May)

My Struggle: Book Three by Karl Ove Knausgaard (May)

Tristano Dies: A Life by Antonio Tabucchi (2014)

Bitter Life by Josep Pla (October)

Private Life by Josep Maria de Sagarra (October)

Selected Stories by Sait Faik Abasıyanık (October)

Of Champions by Halldór Laxness (November)

Ready to Burst by Frankétienne (October)

Catastrophes by Breyten Breytenbach (Fall)

Time Ages in a Hurry by Antonio Tabucchi (October)


The Shimmering Go-Between by Lee Klein (August)

Armageddon, Texas by Tommy Zurhellen (October)


Thanks and Sorry and Good Luck: Rejection from the Eyeshot Outbox by Lee
Klein (May)
You’re Going to Miss Me When You’re Bored, by Justin Marks (May)


Who Can Make It, by Mike Young (February)

dear gloria, dear madeline, dear siobhan, dear ethel, dear eloise, dear wendy, dear becky, dear lisa, dear liza, dear michelle, dear tamika, dear tanya, tonight, by Sasha Fletcher (March)

Shadow Lanka, by Brandon Brown (June)

Wastoid, by Mathias Svalina (September)

Fat Daises, by Carrie Murphy (December)


Backup Singers! by Sommer Browning (February)


When you Left me in the Rutted Terrain of Our Love at the Border, which I Could Not Cross, Remaining a Citizen of This Corrupted Land, a chapbook by Danielle Pafunda (2014)

The Story of Ruth and Eliza/Self-Help Workbook, a double chapbook by Kristen Stone (2014)


Cherub by David C. Hayes (February)

Industrial Carpet Drag by Bruce Taylor (March)

Die, You Zombie Crackers! by Mark C. Scioneaux and David C. Hayes (March/April)

A Lightbulb’s Lament by Grant Wamack (April/May)

The Fairy Princess of Trains by Christopher Boyle (April/May)

Ichthyic in the Afterglow by Jason Wayne Allen (Summer)

America’s Next Dead Model by Mark C. Scioneaux and David C. Hayes (September)

Surreal Worlds: An Anthology edited by Vincenzo Bilof (November)


Fat Man and Little Boy by Mike Meginnis (October)


The Hoards of Torment by William R Hincy

After the Octopus by Mark Spitzer

Jhator by Christine M Lajewski

Knotty, Knotty, Knotty by Joshua Kornreich

The Reharkening by Stephen Todd Booker

In Search of Lost Causes: Fragmented Allegories of an Iranian Revolution. Edited by Hamid Dabushi, PhD

Cut by Adam Cushman

Without Leave by Deborah Fleming


John the Revelator by TJ Beitelman

girl show by Kristy Bowen

Uprising by Michele Battiste

Scouting for the Reaper by Jacob M. Appel

The World of Rae English by Lucy Rosenthal

Mountain Redemption by Nick McRae

Like Oysters Observing the Sun by Brenda Sieczkowski

Your Life Idyllic by Craig Bernier

Trace by Simone Muench

A Sunny Place with Adequate Water by Mary Biddinger


The Constitution by Brian Foley

Century Swept Brutal by Zach Savich


Ultramegaprairieland by Elisabeth Workman (Spring)

The Sonnets by Sandra Simonds (Fall)

The Seam by Shanna Compton (Fall)

Odalisque by Ben Fama

Little Uglies by Dawn Sueoka

The Failure Age by Amanda Montei

Conversation with the Stone Wife by Natalie Eilbert

Bedtime Stories for the End of the World! by Daniel Borzutzky

Sympathetic Nervous System by Jackie Clark


The YOLO Pages


Waiting at the Dead End Diner by Rebecca Schumejda


The First One You Expect By Adam Cesare (February)

Incarnations By Chris Deal (February)

Our Blood In Its Blind Circuit By J David Osborne (February)

Long Lost Dog Of It By Michael Kazepis (February)

Black Gum Godless Heathen By J David Osborne (February)

Repo Shark By Cody Goodfellow (April)

Incognito (Anonymous Anthology) (April)

Boxing Anthology [title tk] (April)

On The Black By Ed Dinger (April)

God$ Fare No Better By J David Osborne (July)

The Last Projector By David James Keaton (July)


Idiopaths by Bill Rasmovicz (March)

The Itinerant Girl’s Guide to Self-Hypnosis by Joanna Penn Cooper (February)

Broken Cage by Joseph P Wood (May)

I’m Your Huckleberry by Erika Jo Brown (August)

Or Replica by Paige Taggart (September)

Let the West Coast Be Settled by Alex Green (November)

Yankee Broadcast Network by Martin Ott & John F Buckley (October)

Alter(n)ations by Matt Shears (October)

Confidence by Seth Landman (December)


Our Prayers After the Fire by Katie Jean Shinkle (Mid 2014)

Gumma Homo by Gary J. Shipley (Late 2014)


Deep Ellum by Brandon Hobson (March)

Travel Notes (from Here to There) by Stanley Crawford (April)


CCLaP’s Interviews with Science-Fiction Authors (January)

Humboldt by Scott Navicky (February)

Death to the Bullshit Artists of South Texas, Vol. 1 by Fernando A. Flores (March)

Turtle and Dam by Scott Abraham (April)

The CCLaP Guide to Collecting Rare Books (May)

Love Songs of the Revolution by Bronwyn Mauldin (May)

An Interpretation of Dreams by Susan Pashman (June)

CCLaP’s Complete Short Work 2013 (July)

The Wounding Time by Hussein Osman (August)

The CCLaP Guide to Creating eBooks (September)

CCLaP’s Complete Short Work 2012 (October)

My Kind of Town by Travis Fortney (October)

CCLaP’s Complete Short Work 2008–2011 (November)

The NSFW Files by Karl Wolff (November)

The New York Stories, Volume 3 by Ben Tanzer (December)


Addicts & Basements by Robert Vaughan (February)

Because by Joseph Riippi (February)

Green Lights by Kyle Muntz (May)

S/N/D by Soren Melville (March)

The Daydream Society by Evan Retzer (March)

Black Cloud by Juliet Escoria (April)

Left Hand by Paul Curran (April)

40 Likely to Die Before 40: An Introduction to Alt Lit. Edited by Cameron Pierce and Michael J Seidlinger (June)

Walls by Andrew Duncan Worthington (July)

Noir: A Love Story by Edward J Rathke (July)

if I really wanted to feel happy I would feel happy already by Jordan Castro (August)

Paper Champion by Shane Jones (September)

My Apologies Accepted by Bunny Rogers (September)

Research; A Novel for Performance by Joseph Riippi (October)

We Will Listen For You by Nick Ripatrazone (November)

Winterswim by Ryan W Bradley (December)


Foreigner’s Folly: A Tale of Attempted Project by Jiyoon Lee (February)

Séance by Andrea Rexilius (February)

Lions, Remonstrance by Shelly Taylor (April)

YOU DA ONE by Jennifer Tamayo (May)

Backfire by Emily Toder (May)

Dismantling the Rabbit Altar by Natasha Kessler (May)

Invisible Reveille by Carina Finn (October)

More No Good by Alexis Pope (October)

More Wreck More Wreck by Tyler Gobble (October)


The Artist’s Library: A Field Guide by Erinn Batykefer and Laura Damon-Moore (January)

The Rise & Fall of the Scandamerican Domestic by Christopher Merkner (January)

The Devil’s Snake Curve: An Essay by Josh Ostergaard (April)

Faces in the Crowd: A Novel by Valeria Luiselli (May)

Sidewalks: Essays by Valeria Luiselli (May)

How a Mother Weaned Her Girl from Fairy Tales: Stories by Kate Bernheimer (August)

You Animal Machine (The Golden Greek): An Essay by Eleni Sikelianos (June)

An Artist’s Library: A Field Guide by Laura Damon-Moore and Erinn Batykefer (May)

Selected Poems by Mark Ford (April)

Dark. Sweet. New and Selected Poems by Linda Hogan (July)

Cross Worlds: Transcultural Poetics: An Anthology Edited by Anne Waldman and Laura Wright (June)

there/then by Sam Savage (September)

The Baltimore Atrocities by John Dermot Woods (October)


Hagridden by Sam Snoek-Brown (Fall)


The Book of Mutter by Kate Zambreno


The Old Neighborhood by Bill Hillmann (April)

Let Go and Go On and On by Tim Kinsella (April)

Once I Was Cool by Megan Stielstra (May)

The New Black: A Neo- Noir Anthology. Edited by Richard Thomas (May)

If I Would Leave Myself Behind by Lauren Becker (June)

The Amazing Mister Orange by Marvin Tate (June)

Animals in Peril by Ryan Kenealy (July)

Echo Lake by Letitia Trent (August)


Sometime I Lie and Sometimes I Don’t (Austrian Literature Series) by Nadja Spiegel (March)

From Out of the City (Irish Literature Series) by John Kelly (April)

Selected Stories (Brazilian Literature Series) by Joaquim Machado (April)

More Than You Know (American Literature Series) by Melissa Malouf (April)

Radio (Estonian Literature Series) by Tõnu Õnnepalu (April)

Metamorphosis (British Literature Series) by Nicholas Mosley (April)

A Sentimental Novel by Alain Robbe-Grillet (April)

Works by Edouard Levé (July)


None of Us Know Any Stories by Emma Sovich


The Lists of the Past by Julie Hayden. Selected and Introduced by Cheryl Strayed (May)

The Tattooed Heart & My Name is Rose by Theodora Keogh. Selected and Introduced by Lidia Yuknavich (May)

Total Loss Farm: A Year in the Life by Raymond Mungo. Selected and Introduced by Dana Spiotta (June)

Crazy Weather by Charles L McNichols. Selected and Introduced by Ursula K Le Guin (June)


#urananimal by Nicholas Spence (February)

Furthest Agent by D.C DeMarse (April)

Brother Lung by Mike W. Archibald (July)

It Doesn’t Matter what you look like on the Outside it’s what’s on the Internet that Counts by Beach Sloth (October)


When Blackness Was a Virtue by Michael Grant Jaffe (January)

Byrd by Kim Church (March)

Not For Nothing by Stephen Graham Jones (March)

The Brunist Day of Wrath by Robert Coover (March)

Sankya by Zakhar Prilepin (April)

The Mayflies by Sara Veglahn (April)

The Sea-God’s Herb by John Domini (May)

Between Wrecks by George Singleton (May)

Friday Was the Bomb: Five Years in the Middle East by Nathan Deuel (May)

The Committee on Town Happiness by Alan Michael Parker (June)

The Fish and the Not Fish by Peter Markus (July)

In Bed One Night, and Other Brief Encounters by Robert Coover (August)

The Old Reactor by David Ohle (September)

Offerings From a Rust Belt Jockey by Andy Plattner (September)

A Different Bed Every Time by Jac Jemc (October)

By Light We Knew Our Names by Anne Valente (October)

History of Cold Seasons by Joshua Harmon (November)

The Annotated Mixtape by Joshua Harmon (November)

The Maggot People by Henning Koch (November)

Come Away by Stephen Policoff (November)


Lit Mag/anthology: Midnight Circus: Classic Lit on the Side (Winter)

Lit Mag/Anthology: Midnight Circus: Rejected Dreams (Spring)

The Garden of Good and Evil Pancakes by David Atkinson (Spring)

Lit Mag/Anthology: Midnight Circus: Invasion and Occupation (Summer)

The ABCs of Dinkology 2 by AE Stueve (Summer)

Lit Mag/Anthology: Midnight Circus: 2013–2014 Collection (Summer)


Fourteen Stories | None of Them Are Yours by Luke Goebel (September)


O, Democracy! By Kathleen Rooney (April)


Scout Book chapbooks from Jay Ponteri, May-Lan Tan, and Chelsea Hodson (May)

Excavation: A Memoir by Wendy C Ortiz (July)


Gigantic Worlds: An Anthology of Science Flash Fiction (March)


Damned If I Do: Stories by Percival Everett (February)

Karate Chop: Stories by Dorthe Nors and Martin Aitken (February)

Glyph: A Novel by Percival Everett (February)

Woke Up Lonely: A Novel by Fiona Maazel (April)


The Collected Interviews of Scott McClanahan Volume 1 and 2

Stories V! by Scott McClanahan (reissue)


Work Ethic by Tim Paggi (January)

I’m Just Happy To Be Here by Mark Cugini (March)


Venus on Mars by Jan Millsapps (March)

A Map of Everything by Elizabeth Earley (March)

The Art Courage Program a collaboration by Katharine Whitcomb and Brian Goeltzenleuchter (March)

An Unsuitable Princess by Jane Rosenberg LaForge (April)

Is The Room by Rosetta Ballew-Jennings (April)

Azimuth by Carol Ciavonne (Summer)

Boiling Lake by Sharon White (Summer)

Squeal for Joy by David Hoenigman (Summer)

Angels of a Random Touch by Marlon Fick (Summer)

Women Born With Fur and Out from the Pleiades by Beth Couture and Leslie McGrath (Fall)

Two Memoirs by Amanda Montei (Fall)

The Book of I by Jorge Armenteros (Fall)

Crepuscule w/ Nellie by Joe Milazzo (Fall)

Devouring the Green: The Cyborg Lyric Anthology [Poetry in an Era of Catastrophic Change] (Fall)


Don Dreams and I Dream by Leah Umansky (February)


American Monster by J.S. Breukelaar (First Quarter)

Witch Piss by Sam Pink (First Quarter)

The Door That Faced West by Alan M. Clark (First Quarter)

The Collected Works of Noah Cicero Vol. 2 by Noah Cicero (Second Quarter)

The Fun We’ve Had by Michael J Seidlinger (Second Quarter)

The Last Horror Novel in the History of the World by Brian Allen Carr (Second Quarter)

Lazy Fascist Review #1 (Second Quarter)

To Those Whose Lives We’ve Ruined by Matthew Revert (Third Quarter)

Lazy Fascist Review #2 (Fourth Quarter)

The Age of Monsters by Michael J Seidlinger (Fourth Quarter)


The Birds & the Beasts by Andrea Kneeland

Letters to the Devil by Lena Bertone

Textile School by Katy Gunn

There Is Nothing Else to See Here by Chelsea Clammer


Range of Motion by Meagan Cass

Letters to Lil Wayne by Lauren Ireland

Wallop by Jordan Stempleman


The Parallel Apartments by Bill Cotter (February)

The Best of McSweeney’s Internet Tendency by Chris Monks and John Warner (March)

Painted Cities by Alexai Galaviz-Budziszewski (March)

Notebook of Nothings by Editors of McSweeney’s (April)


A Highly Unlikely Scenario by Rachel Cantor (January)

Phantoms Of Breslau by Marek Krajewski (January)

Definitely Maybe by Arkady & Boris Strugatsky (February)

Vidal vs. Mailer by Norman Mailer, Gore Vidal and Carole Mallory (February)

The Weirdness by Jeremy Bushnell (March)

The Damned Utd: A Novel by David Peace (March)

Maranoia: Weed, Greed, and the End of California by David Rose (March)

Leavetaking by Peter Weiss and Christopher Levenson (March)

The Sea Inside by Philip Hoare (April)

With My Dog Eyes: A Novel by Hilda Hilst and Adam Morris (April)

Seeing Power: Art and Activism in the Age of Cultural Production by Nato Thompson (April)


When I Was Straight by Julie Marie Wade (Spring)

This Life Now by Michael Broder (Spring)


Above All Men by Eric Shonkwiler (March)


How to Say ‘I Love You’ in Greenlandic, by Nancy Campbell (February)

Temple, by Kristen Case (April)

111O/7, the A issue (April-May)

Child Helga, by George Szirtes (May)

Uncle Zoltán, by George Szirtes (October)

111O/8, (October)

Germania, by George Szirtes (November)

New Proverbs of Hell, by George Szirtes (letterpress broadside, November)


Glaciers by Tony Arnold (February)

Untitled Echap by Erik H Rzepka (April)

Nauseated Drive Vol.1 (Fall)


The Inevitable June by Bob Schofield (June)

theNewerYork Book IV (August)


Fullblooded Arabian by Osama Alomar (January)

The Bachelors by Muriel Spark (April)

The Ballad of Peckham Rye by Muriel Spark (April)

The Comforters by Muriel Spark (April)

The Driver’s Seat by Muriel Spark (April)

A Far Cry from Kensington by Muriel Spark (April)

The Informed Air by Muriel Spark (April)

Loitering with Intent by Muriel Spark (April)

Memento Mori by Muriel Spark (April) [Liberty Hardy]

Territorial Rights by Muriel Spark (April)

Between Parentheses by Roberto Bolaño (May)

The Secret of Evil by Roberto Bolano (May)

The Iceland by Sakutaro Hagiwara (May)

Stealth by Sonallah Ibrahim (May)

The Iraqi Nights by Dunya Mikhail (May)

Never Love a Gambler by Keith Ridgway (May)

Conversations by Cesar Aira (June)


Preparation for the Next Life by Atticus Lish (November)

Hill William by Scott McClanahan (as read by Scott McClanahan. Audio book)


Together, Apart by Ben Hoffman (March)

Behind This Mirror by Lena Bertone (August)


A Well-Tempered Heart by Jan-Philipp Sendker (January)

Not I by Joachim Fest (February)

A Curse On Dostoevsky by Atiq Rahimi (March)

The Unlikely Settler by Lipika Pelham (March)

A Fairy Tale by Jonas T. Bengtsson (March)

The Cold Song by Linn Ullmann (April)

Secrecy by Rupert Thomson (April)

I’ll Be Right There by Kyung-sook Shin (June)

The Impossible Exile by George Prochnik (May)

Unlearning With Hannah Arendt by Marie Luise Knott (May)

Papers in the Wind by Eduardo Sacheri (May)

Live Bait by Fabio Genovesi (July)

If It Is Your Life by James Kelman (July)


Tales from the Holy Land by Rafael Alvarez (January)

Long Distance Drunks: a Tribute to Charles Bukowski (March)

Gory Hole: a Horror Triple Bill by Craig Wallwork (April)

Destroying the Tangible Illusion of Reality; or, Searching for Andy Kaufman by T. Fox Dunham (May)

Neophyte by Eli Wilde & ‘Anna DeVine (June)

The Green Kangaroos by Jessica McHugh (August)

Truth or Dare? An Anthology (October)


Sleep by David Tomaloff (February)

The Heart’s Progress by Sarah Fran Wisby (February)

Horse Girl by Thais Benoit (February)

Bring Me My Absolute Surrender by Matthew Sherling (February)

The Translations by Andrea Kneeland (March)

The Frogs by Adam J Maynard (March)

Bloodletting in Minor Scales [A Canvas in Arms] by Justin Limoli (2014)

Sylph by Abigail Cloud (April) [Justin Carter]


Pop Serial 5

Mala by Monica McClure

The Holy Grail by Jack Spicer

The Soft War by Carl Annarummo

Motel Diary by Alice Bolin


Scarecrone by Melissa Broder (February)

You Can Make Anything Sad by Spencer Madsen (April)

SPREZZATURA by Mike Young (July)

Valparaiso, Round the Horn by Madeline ffitch (September)

Eat, Knucklehead by Craig Griffin (November)

Danceland by Jennifer Pieroni (2014)

Elegantly Naked in My Sexy Mental Illness by Heather Fowler (2014)

Backswing by Aaron Burch (2014)

Torture Tree by Bayard Godsave (2014)

All the Ways We Say Goodbye by Victoria Kelly (2014)


All Movies Love the Moon: Prose Poems on Silent Film by Gregory Robinson

The winner of our Eighth Annual Short Short Chapbook Contest, selected by contest judge Michael Martone to be published in summer 2014 (Spring)

A soon-to-be titled anthology of five novellas-in-flash by Tiff Holland, Meg Pokrass, Margaret Chapman, Chris Bower, and Aaron Teel (Spring)

Throw Yourself into the Prairie by Francesca Chabrier (January)

Thought That Nature by Trey Moody (January)

Praying Drunk by Kyle Minor (February)

Hustle by David Tomas Martinez (May)

Elegy on Kinderklavier by Arna Bontemps Hemenway (July)

The Blue Box: Three Lives in Letters by Sallie Bingham (August)

Wolf Centos by Simone Muench (July)

Artists of Abandon by Kerry Howley (October)

The Night We’re Not Sleeping In by Sean Bishop (October)

No Other by Mark Gluth (Winter)

Polymath poetry by Mike Bushnell (February)

An Anthology of Contemporary Brazilian Poetry. Edited by Ana Guadalupe and Jeremy Spencer (2014)

An Anthology of Contemporary Spanish Poetry. Edited by Luna Miguel and Jeremy Spencer (2014)


@snarkus666 by Marcus McDonald

Red Poems by Vanessa Jimenez Gabb

The Face of God by Taylor Jacob Pate

Foreign Gods, Inc. by Okey Ndibe (January)

Songs Only You Know: A Memoir by Sean Hoen (April)

Inside Madeleine: Stories by Paula Bomer (May)

The City Son by Samrat Upadhyay (June)

Forensic Songs: Stories by Mike McCormack (Aug)

BOMB: The Author Interviews (November)


GHOSTLORD by Chris Moran

Bath House by Hans Henny Jahnn, tr. Adam Siegel

Children of the Stones by Jarett Kobek

Unperformed Actions of Rudolf Schwarzkogler by Pierre Abidi



Wish You Were Here by Matthew Dickman


The History of Ideas, 1973–2012, by Brian Blanchfield

All Hopped up on Fleshy Dum Dums by Lara Glenum

Sky Rat by Rauan Klassnik

Pilot Season by James Brubaker (flash fiction)
Reckoning by Rusty Barnes (novel)
Repairable Men by John Carr Walker (stories)
The Blood of a Tourist by William Taylor Jr. (poetry)
Howard by Sarah Boyer (poetry)
I Got Off the Train at Ash Lake by BJ Best (novel in verse)
Lot Boy by Greg Shemkovitz (novel)
Sex and Death by Ben Tanzer (stories)


The Understory by Pamela Erens (April)

Writing Illuminated: Song of Myself (May)

Us Conductors by Sean Michaels (June)

Beside Myself by Ashley Farmer (March)

Dog Men — by Alana Noel Voth (June)

One Sparrow In a Flock of Sparrows by Sheila Squillante (June)


Rarity of the Century by Fawzy Zablah (March)

Thanksgiving for Werewolves by ML Kennedy (June)


Made to Break by D Foy (March)

Crystal Eaters by Shane Jones (June)

Ancient Oceans of Central Kentucky by David Connerley Nahm (August)

The Hollow Girl by Reed Farrel Coleman (May)

Dead Lil’ Hustler by Victoria Houston (June)

Of Sea and Cloud by Jon Keller (June)

Pybrac by Pierre Louÿs Translated with an introduction by Geoffrey Longnecker (April)

Flametti, or The Dandyism of the Poor by Hugo Ball Translated by Catherine Schelbert with an introduction by Bernhard Echte (May)

The Emperor of China and Other Dada Plays by Georges Ribemont-Dessaignes Translated with an introduction by Christopher Butterfield (2014)

Etruria by Rodney Koeneke (April)

If I Don’t Breathe How Do I Sleep by Joe Wenderoth (April)

Talkativeness by Michael Earl Craig (April)

Language Arts by Cedar Sigo (April)

The Pedestrians by Rachel Zucker (April)

E! Entertainment by Kate Durbin (May)

Tweaky Village by Kevin Killian (March)

American Barricade by Danniel Schoonebeek

North of Order by Nick Gulig

[insert] boy by Danez Smith

A New Language for Falling Out of Love by Meghan Privitello

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