The Kids Are Alright: Survey Says Millennials Read More than Other Generations

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Sometime between taking Snapchats and not getting off your lawn, the youth learned how to read. According to a new Pew Survey, Millennials read more books than Americans over 30:

88% of Americans under 30 read a book in the past year, compared with 79% of those age 30 and older.

A previous Pew study had found similar results:

reading by generation

Of course, this may be because Americans under-30 are more likely to be in school and be required to read books. Still, it’s nice news for the literary world. The rest of the Pew survey looks at library usage and shows Millennials still value public libraries in the internet age.

The most surprising finding in the new Pew survey is that under-30 Americans are more likely to think “a lot of useful, important information that is not available on the internet” than older Americans (62% vs. 53%).

photograph via wikipedia

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