The Lit List: May 6–12

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Monday, May 6

Ben Greenman launches his novel The Slippage at Franklin Park with Sam Lipsyte, Touré, Claire Vaye Watkins, Amelia Grey. You might have heard of them.

Sackett Street folks Nick Dybek, Julie Sarkissian, Amy Shearn and Jill Di Donato read to the masses at Book Court.

Tuesday, May 7

Benjamin Percy launches Red Moon at Book Court. Boom!

Did you ever “come of age”? Then you might be into these stories by Susan Kirschabaum, Nathaniel Kressen, Paula Froelich and Anthony Haden Guest at No. 8.

Wednesday, May 8

The woman as literary critic — a discussion. Panelists Kate Bolick, Ruth Franklin, Laura Miller, Miriam Markowitz, Michelle Orange, Parul Sehgal, and Michelle Dean break it down at Housing Works.

First it’s a reading then it’s a party: Noon reading with Brandon Hobson, Noy Holland, Lincoln Michel, Christine Schutt and James Yeh. Center for Fiction.

Thursday, May 9

Literary Death Match finally comes to Brooklyn. Judges: Baratunde Thurston, Elissa Bassist, Dale Seever. Readers: Tayari Jones, Alina Simone, Alexander Chee, Dan Wilbur. Audience: You + then some. Union Hall.

Friday, May 10

How’s that adulthood thing going? Commiserate with Alida Nugent for her It Gets Worse launch at Powerhouse.

Or get silly with David Sedaris and a zillion other people, i.e. the crowd, at McNally J


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