The Masquerade of the Red Death Was Halloween’s Most Literary Party

Highlights from a spooky dance extravaganza full of free masks, free books, and free booze

On October 26th 2017, book lovers and literary insiders clad in masks of red and black gathered at Littlefield in Brooklyn for a night of spooky revelry. Burlesque performers Cassandra Rosebeetle, Gin Minsky, and Jezebel Express haunted the masquerade as partygoers sipped on cocktails and danced the night away. At the end of the night, revelers brought home tote bags bursting at the seams with free books. Here are some of our favorite pics from the photo booth and photographer Aslan Chalom.

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Burlesque performers Cassandra Rosebeetle and Gin Minsky with Electric Lit executive director Halimah Marcus and her pet crow Bob. (Hey Halimah, his name is Bob now.)

A Littlefield bartender mixing the signature cocktail of the night: the Red Death. (They didn’t even know it was a masquerade event, Littlefield bartenders always dress this way!)

The Red Death stalks us all.

Writer Catherine LaSota and Paul Morris of the Authors Guild getting their groove on.

This dance move is called What’s That On The Ceiling.

Electric Lit social media editor Michael J. Seidlinger and Rosie Clarke of Housing Works smirk for the camera. Their friend didn’t get the no-smiling memo.

Dancers Adrienne Wienert and Peter Bullen dressed in eerie chic.

Smile for the camera and say “BOO”!

Note to all party planners: All you need to pack a house is free masks, free books and free booze.

Check out highlights of the masquerade on Facebook (make sure you follow us too!) and click here for more spine-chilling photos from the photo booth (sponsored by The Authors Guild). See you next year!

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