The Most Popular Electric Literature Articles of 2015

We like to ring in the new year taking a look at the last here at Electric Literature. Here were are most popular articles published in 2015:


1) Speak Up!: A Graphic Account of Roxane Gay and Erica Jong’s Uncomfortable Conversation by MariNaomi


2) Should White Men Stop Writing? The Blunt Instrument on Publishing and Privilege by Elisa Gabbert

literary podcasts

3) Eight Excellent Literary Podcasts for Your Morning Commute by Jessica Gross

literary novels

4) INFOGRAPHIC: How To Name Your Big Important Novel by Lincoln Michel and Nadxieli Nieto

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5) When Popular Fiction Isn’t Popular: Genre, Literary, and the Myths of Popularity by Lincoln Michel

True detective dialogue

6) True Detective’s Lessons on How Not to Write Dialogue by Lincoln Michel

Wonder Boys film

7) Writing On Screen: Why Do Writing Students Love Such Terrible Mentors? by Lee Schnelbach

The Exorcist film

8) That Thing: A True Story Based on The Exorcist by Adam Sturtevant

Neal Stephenson

9) The People Who Survive, an interview with Neal Stephenson, author of Seveneves by Steven Paulson

franzen, roth

10) What Women Can Learn From Reading Sexist Male Writers by Sigal Samuel

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