VIDEO: Author Lee Child Weighs in on Amazon

Author Lee Child (whose work was most famously adapted into the Tom Cruise film Jack Reacher) spoke out on the BCC about Amazon’s tactics. You can watch the video clip above.

The Book Seller reports that some self-published authors attacked Child for his comments with the blogger at The Passive Voice saying it was “interesting how little many of these big-selling trad pub authors understand about the book business.” Lee Child responded in the comments:

I get that it feels all smug and gnostic to say that authors like me understand little about the publishing business, but — with no due respect at all — it’s absurd. I have navigated through it for twenty years, in 99 global markets, learned from both success and failure, and I’m still vertical and still in print. By definition I was a debut, and then a midlister, and finally a bestseller. I’ve seen it all, and you’ve seen none of it. Again, with no respect at all, you’re full of it.

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