Voodoo Cat Vs. Wily Bees

Two comics by Dakota McFadzean

Voodoo Cat Vs. Wily Bees

Panel 1: (Beekeepers handling hive.) Beekeeper 1, left: If you're THAT allergic to bee stings, don't you think you picked the wrong career. Panel 2: Beekeeper 2: Not at all! I believe in a symbiotic duty between our species. Panel 3: Beekeeper 2, right: They're trusting me with their lives, and I've trusting them with mine. Panel 3: Beekeeper 1: ! Beekeeper 2: (swarm of bees stinging his head.)

Dakota McFadzean is a Canadian cartoonist whose work has appeared in MAD Magazine, The Best American Comics, and on Funny or Die. He has also worked as a storyboard artist for DreamWorks TV. McFadzean has two books available from Conundrum Press: Other Stories and the Horse You Rode in On, and Don’t Get Eaten by Anything, the latter of which collects three years of daily comic strips. He currently lives in Toronto with his wife and son.

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