Watch Mia Alvar Get Zombified for the Electric Literature Genre Ball

The Electric Literature Genre Ball is less than a month away! Watch Mia Alvar, a Genre Ball host and author of In the Country, transform into a zombie with make-up by Nadxi Nieto. At the Genre Ball, zombify your costume at our #andzombies face painting booth, sponsored by Quirk Books, and tweet your photo to win a prize!

The ball will be held on October 23, 2015, in Liberty Hall at Ace Hotel New York, from 8–11pm. Get your ticket before they sell out! All proceeds benefit Electric Literature, a 501c3 nonprofit. More information and tickets to the ball can be found here.

Three levels of support available:

Partier15- - Circle

$150 — Very Important Partier

Attend the GenreBall at Liberty Hall at Ace Hotel New York and a VIP reception at the Electric Literature offices

Pariter100 - Circle

$100 — Partier

Attend the Genre Ball at Liberty Hall at Ace Hotel New York

Partier50 - Circle

$50 — Partier in Absentia

“I can’t come but I want to support the Ball.”

Genreball invitation

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