We Survived the Masquerade of the Red Death and All We Got Were These Beautiful Pictures

A report from Brooklyn's reddest, deadest literary party

After last year’s Masquerade of the Red Death, we thought it couldn’t get any redder or any deader. Shows what we know! In fact, Brooklyn’s literary elite (and, more importantly, Brooklyn’s literary proletariat) showed up to Littlefield in their best red and black finery for a party that was truly 2 red and 2 dead. Here are some of our favorite shots from photographer Andrew Janke. There are even more on our Flickr page!

A treasure trove of books from our sponsors, all free for guests.

Tor Books employees enjoy the cocktail hour.

The hard-working Littlefield bartenders pouring Sloe Death Negronis from our beverage partner Sipsmith.

A mysterious dinosaur regards a negroni.

Catapult web editor (and former EL staffer!) Leah Johnson and EL contributor Arriel Vinson show off their masks.

Our raffle table, featuring gifts from Out of Print, Otherland Candles, Bo’s Kitchen, Baron Fig, and Sipsmith, awaits lucky winners.

Marlena author Julie Buntin, writer and editor Sarah Lyn Rogers, and mysterious masked man.

Writers Libby Flores and Mel Toltz are positively glowing, and definitely NOT from a mysterious plague.

And this autumnal fairy is literally glowing (presumably with glee about her free books and Read More Women bookmark).

Friend of EL Emma Story with her trademark Thing on Head.

Executive editor of One Story Hannah Tinti whispering sweet, deadly nothings to managing editor Lena Valencia.

Writers Marie Helene Bertino and Anne Ray demonstrate the power of sartorial maximalism and minimalism, respectively.

A partygoer elegantly props up the bar.

EL executive director Halimah Marcus addresses the crowd.

Please cue up “Call Your Girlfriend” now and continue listening to it for the next five pictures:

Of course, no Masquerade roundup would be complete without shots from our photo booth. Here are a few we loved—the rest are on Flickr, both as strips and animated gifs.

Current and former EL interns—intern McKayla Coyle, former intern and now associate editor Jo Lou, former intern Ruth Minah Buchwald, former intern Andrea Oh, and former intern Trina Estavillo.

EL staff: (front row) executive director Halimah Marcus, associate editor Erin Bartnett, former intern Trina Estavillo (middle row) intern McKayla Coyle, associate editor Jo Lou, former intern Andrea Oh (back row) marketing associate Calvin Kasulke, editor-in-chief Jess Zimmerman, former intern Ruth Minah Buchwald.

Thank you to our sponsors for making this party possible, and our guests for making it stylish and fun! See everyone next year!

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