Ever read a book with so many characters you can’t even remember who anyone is? You aren’t alone! This infographic from Lovereading.co.uk takes a look at 15 books so overloaded with characters you need a second book just to keep track of them:

Too many characters infographic

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  1. Steve

    Edward Rutherfords books are packed with major and minor characters. I’ve read Paris and New York. Both have fictitious and historical figures that interrelate with each other within appropriate contexts. As I get older I appreciate a character list in the front for referral.

  2. Lagniappe | Book Notes Plus

    […] How many named characters are there in To Kill a Mockingbird? Game of Thrones? Bleak House? And what well-known book has the most named characters of all? You’ll find the answers to those questions and more here. […]

  3. Walter Snyder

    Depending upon how you divide LOTR, its character count stacks up with any of these. The full Tolkien canon including Hobbit and Silmarillion includes more than 950 distinct characters from various races. All of these pale before the Bible. Excluding the Apocrypha, you’re looking at 3200+ distinct individuals.


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