From James Joyce to W.B. Yeats, Ireland has been home to many of the most celebrated English-language authors. And, as this infographic shows, those authors have devoted a lot of their lines to evoking the beauty of Ireland. Read below to see how Joyce, Yeats, Heaney, and others have written about their motherland.

Ireland literary atlas

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  1. Erin

    Two things (one small, one bigger):

    1) W. B. Yeats’ name is misspelled on the button (if that is what it’s called) below the infographic, and

    2) Seamus Heaney’s “Postscript” is a much better evocation of Ireland (Co. Clare, specifically) than the quote used here. Memorized, it stands in place of my standing on the Burren, looking out at the shining sea.

    P.S. I love these infographics, by the way. Thank you for them.

  2. Penelope

    I keep trying to subscribe to your daily newsletter but the blue button doesn’t work.

  3. L. N. Holmes

    I love this infographic! What a great idea. I am reading some folklore and fairy tales in a collection by Yeats right now and am thoroughly enjoying it.

  4. Carol

    Gosh what a disappointing literary atlas, forgetting all those talented women writers who have also written about Ireland and are tremendously evocative – Iris Murdoch, Jennifer Johnston, Anne Enright, Elizabeth Bowen etc etc…..I myself would prefer to champion a more balanced account of the literary landscape than one that quotes from 15 men and 2 women writers.

  5. Neil Doherty

    This list was compiled by somebody who, it seems, has never heard of the Irish language and knows nothing of its literature. Each spot in Ireland is connected to a poet (or court of poetry) or writer . This map is a map of Irish literature in English. There are also more women writers in Ireland than the two mentioned above. A very poor map indeed.


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