If you’ve ever had the pleasure of reading Amazon or Goodreads pages for classic novels, you know that the best part is the pile of angry, incoherent, and/or contradictory one-star reviews. If you don’t want to spend your time trawling through these, check out Tumblr One-Star Book Reviews. I’ve reposted some of the best (i.e., worst) here:


Shakespeare book

“First of all, the whole thing is almost all dialogue.”


caged bird cover

“I found the messages about racism to be quite one-sided.”


Mark Twain cover

“I believe reading is about relaxing and not straining your mind to understand what’s going on”


Virgil book

“If written today this would be seen as fan fiction.”


The iliad

“You may have seen the movie ‘Troy’ with Brad Pitt as Achilles, but it is quite different than the book.”


things fall apart

“Way too much information about yams”


Truman Capote book cover

“Reminded me of Hemingway’s ‘The Great Gatsby’ which I also didn’t like”


On the Road penguin

“Do you have any feelings, or are you just TOO FUCKING COOL?”


Atwood book cover

“Ever since women (deservedly) got the vote, feminists have had to scrounge for stuff to gripe about. Take Ally McBeal, for example.”


Beowulf book

“Mr. Beowulf should be required to repeat his nighttime writer’s class at the learning annex.”


 Ray Bradbury wicked

“the language is too rich and poetic for my liking”


Watching God book

“i had to read this book for class, so i didn’t really enjoy it at all, however it is a good book.”

Read more at One-Star Book Reviews.

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  1. John Aalborg

    Love it! Lincoln Michel’s post made me happy to see that someone else finds ignorance sad while reminding me it’s also a source for having some fun.


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