11 Iconic Red and Black Outfits from Film and TV

Not sure what to wear to the Masquerade of the Red Death? Take inspiration from these classic looks

So you got your early bird tickets for Electric Lit’s Masquerade of the Red Death ($35 until October 1, going up to $50 thereafter, act now!), and now you’re stuck on what to wear. Anything red, black, or red and black will do, but you obviously want to bring your A game. Well, look no further: we’ve compiled some classic, eye-catching looks from film and TV for sartorial inspiration.

Buttercup and Westley’s Fire Swamp outfits, The Princess Bride

Sure, they look sulky here, but in a minute they’ll be declaring undying love and lightfooting it around flame spurts, which sounds like a party to us. If you’re bringing a date to the Masquerade, having one of you in full red and the other in stark black is a great idea.

Dana’s “Gatekeeper” getup, Ghostbusters

Honestly, this might be orange, but we think it’s red with gold threads and anyway we want you to bring this entire energy to the party—the hair, the coquettish bared shoulder, the channeling old gods, the sleeping four feet above your covers, etc.

Mrs. White’s party dress, Clue

The simple black sheath dress and pearls combo taken to the next level. Accessorize with flames on the sides of your face.

Blade’s whole thing, Blade

A black leather duster and weird little shades truly elevate any party outfit, even a bulletproof vest. Before there was Neo, Blade did it first and best.

Lydia Deetz’s wedding dress, Beetlejuice

The wedding had some problems (groom a malign ghost, bride there against her will) but that frothy red confection of a dress and veil, plus Siouxsie hair? Perfection. If anyone shows up in a mouldering burgundy tuxedo we will also be into that.

Babs’s execution outfit, Pink Flamingos

She may be the filthiest person alive, but Divine looks like a million bucks in this truly iconic mermaid gown.

Dora Milaje uniforms, Black Panther

Outside Wakanda, most military getups don’t have the requisite pizzazz for a party, and Okoye does change into an also incredible red outfit in order to blend in at a casino. But the standard-issue Dora Milaje uniforms, with their leather and metallic accents, are plenty fancy for us.

Willow’s vampire alter ego, Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Before she went evil IRL, Buffy’s geeky friend had an alternate-universe vampire version whose RenFaire-meets-dominatrix outfit sent every 1990s baby goth into orbit.

Maleficent’s horn and cloak situation, Maleficent

Listen, it’s been a hard year. You deserve to go to a party, but maybe you don’t want to change your clothes or do your hair. We have the perfect solution.

Practically anything from the Hunger Games movies

From the black-and-red training sweats to the “girl on fire” gown, from the black leather armor on the Mockingjay Part 1 poster to the… identical red leather armor on the Mockingjay Part 2 poster, the Hunger Games movies are full of fashion ideas.

The Little Man from Another Place’s suit, Twin Peaks

Cooper’s dream trip into the Black Lodge is an iconic moment in the show (consider the fact that it was parodied in both The Simpsons and a Harlem Shake video). But the dancing, backward-talking Little Man from Another Place is also important for a different reason: he’s a testament to the power of a custom-fit red-on-red suit.

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