12 Last-Minute Non-Book Gifts for Writers

1) For the Writer Who’s All Work and No Play

Overlook Hotel Note Paper by Herb Lester Associates, $18.19


2) For the Writer Stuck In a Rut

Same Old Story Pin Enamel Pin by Word for Word Factory, $10


3) For the Revisionist

Erase You Enamel Pin by Tuesday Bassen, $10


4) For the Writer Who Thinks Every Draft is Shit

Fart of Darkness Matches by DippyLulu, $6.50


5) For the Female Writer (Any Genre)

Male Tears Patch by Weird Empire, $14


6) For the Writer Who Wants You to STFU

Simone de Beauvoir Literary Poster by Standard Designs, $27.83

de Beauvoir

7) For the Writer Who Needs to Set the Mood

Get Lit Candles (based on books by Saeed Jones, Lincoln Michel, Alexandra Kleeman, and others) by Hi Wildflower Botanica, $30

book candles

8) For the Cortázar Fanatic

Julio Cortázar Articulated Wooden Figure, $148


9) For the Latinx Writer

Mexican Writers Tee by minimalista, $22


10) For the Writer Who Imagines a World Where Colleges have been established based on the philosophies of Marcus Garvey, Audre Lorde, Ida B. Wells, Harriet Tubman, George Washington Carver and James Baldwin.

School of Thought Collegiate Crew by Philadelphia Printworks, $37.50


11) For the Writer Who Needs to Work Out a “Plot Twist”

Yoga for Writers poster $7


12) For the Acerbic Coffee Drinking Writer

Go Faulkner Yourself Mug $15


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