13 Last-Minute Non-Book Gifts for Writers

The artwork, accessories, kits, décor and boozy paraphernalia that are sure to put a smile on that special literary someone in your life.

Need a last-minute gift for a literary loved-one? Tired of wrapping the complete works of Jane Austen book-by-book? Read on for 13 fresh options.

1. For the Nobel Prize Wannabe Writer-Songwriter…

— Bob Dylan Discography as Bibliography Poster Paper

by Standard Designs, $22.87

2. For the Publisher /Sadomasochist…

— Writers Tears Copper Pot Irish Whiskey

by Walsh Whiskey, $41.99

3. For the White Whale Chasing Writer (pairs nicely with #2)…

— Moby Dick Literature Rocks Glass

by the Uncommon Green, $13.00

4) For the Stinky, Blocked Writer…

— Writer’s Block Soap

by Whiskey River Soap, $ 8.95
(also comes as a candle!)

5. For the Grammarian…

— Bad Grammar T-Shirt

by Booo Tees, $14.99

6. For the Poor Waugh-Lover…

Recession Books: Brideshead Remortgaged Literary Poster

by Standard Design, $22.87

7. For the Virginia Woolf Lover…

— I am rooted but I flow Pennant

by Rayon and Honey, $120

8. For Writers Who Like a Cuppa…

— The Sherlock Tea Collection

by RosyLeaTea, $20.97

9. For Writers Who Live (Quite Stylishly!) Off Spare Change…

— The Elements of Style Coin Purse

by Sweet Sequels, $20.00

10. For the Book Cover Lover…

— Original Watercolor Book Cover (Lahiri’s L’Interprète des maladies)

by Laureen Topalian, $85.33

11. For the Writer Who Wants to MAKE a Book…

— Anselm Bookbinding Kit

by Peg and Awl, $40

12. For the Writer Who’s Regressing to Early Childhood (or has a baby)…

— Baby’s Guide to The Great Gatsby by F Scott Fitzgerald

by Sweet Sequels, $35.00

13. For the Writer Who’s Rude and Well-Read…

— Papercuts: A Party Game for the Rude and Well-Read

by Electric Literature, $25.00

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