A Love Story That Looks Like Me

"Black queers deserve joy," a poem by Tahirah Alexander Green

person holding a bouquet

A Love Story That Looks Like Me

Black queers deserve joy

 i deserve joy

 i want to read the story about 
 the awkward Black queer walking into a wall 
 cause they get startled by that fine ass human 
 who returns their gaze, with smiling eyes and says 
 “hell-- oh no are you hurt? can i help you?” 
 rushing over to help with their fioone ass 
 and that is the love story
 tripping, stumbling in silly embarrassing ways–
         like one of them opening their work computer at the office and having a heated scene from 
         crashpad playing loudly cause they forgot to close out incognito properly, and the other 
         covering for them in sort of romcom-esque scenario where they happened to stop by the 
         office that day and sayin IT WAS ME, THE PORN WAS ME, DON’T FIRE MY LOVE– 
 that’s the love story, lifting each other up
 and no one dies cause that’s not the point of this one, 
 not this one

 i deserve joy
 i want to watch the indie film about the 
 Black queer weirdo who gets anxious about their words 
 but speaks anyway and it's always okay 
 and one day they realize it's cause their sibling saw them crying over their words 
 and summoned an eloquence elf to support them 
 and this isn’t any enslavement ass summoning either 
 the elf can only work its magic if it consents 
 and this elf saw this show of love
 and was happy to lend its power 
 and the Black queer weirdo writes the most brilliant ode to their dope ass sibling 
 i deserve joy 
 i want to hear the poem about the 
 Black non-binary kid 
 the one who wears gowns and joggers 
 while people keep telling them clothes are womenswear or menswear 
 but none of that matters to them
 and the kid is out and about in their mesh and gators, 
 glitter and snapbacks 
 decorating themselves for fun 
 imagine that?
 for fun!
 and naturally while they’re out there celebrating themselves 
 they meet another dope nonbinary being 
 and they get to be friends-
 and there’s no bullshit, 
 just friendship, 
 and the love and trust of being seen 
 i deserve joy
 i want a story about 
 how beautiful it was 
 for this black miracle to put their feet in the ocean for the first time
          or the snow
          or the sand
          or fuzzy socks 
          or whatever tactile joy comes their way
 and how it was at that moment of touching 
 they knew 
 they deserved joy too 

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