February Fiction Prompts Culled from the News

Stuck on an idea for your next short story? Every now and then we gather news headlines that are strange enough to be fiction. Here’s a batch of headlines to get your creative juices flowing along with suggested genres:

Image via Twitter

Pixar Film Treatment: Raccoon goes an epic adventure after hitching a ride to a garbage truck

Apocalyptic Science Fiction: Scientists awake unknown microbes from ancient crystals

Feral Hog Apocalypse Science Fiction: Texas desperately trying to stop “feral hog apocalypse”

Interspecies Erotica Ebook: Goat falls in love with a UPS driver

Racist Comedy of Errors: Texas hunters who claimed to be attacked by immigrants actually shot each other

Rags to Riches Restaurant Fiction: Random diner gets swamped with customers after mistakenly given Michelin star

Bovine Tragedy: Cow escapes and flees through Queens, then dies from “over-tranquilization”

Sea Horror: Crab species rips its best friends in half, wears massacred bodies on claws

Kitty Noir: Top Boston police cat gets a new home

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