April Fiction Prompts Culled from the News

True stories that are strange enough to be fiction

Stuck on an idea for your next short story? Every now and then we gather news headlines that are strange enough to be fiction. Here’s a batch of headlines to get your creative juices flowing along with suggested genres:

Historical Fantasy: People used to live in little hobbit stump houses!

True Snake Crime: Meth-addicted python put in rehab

Drunk Borges Fan Fiction: Bar owner in India builds labyrinth to access booze

Tasty Road Trip Novel: 8-year-old steals car to drive to McDonald’s

Capitalism Horror: Desperate people made to kiss a car for 50 hours in contest

Wildlife Martial Arts: Horse battles alligator

Children’s Adventure Story: “Buttery and ashamed” squirrel rescued from dumpster

Vampire Diet Guide: Salad recall after dead bat found in lettuce

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