February Mix

This is the first in a series of writing-related mixes. Stay tuned.

This month’s mix is curated by EL staff. Since some sort of forced romantic holiday is coming up, we put together a mix for getting romantic to. (We do advise, however, that you do not forcefully romance someone.) Our selections should take you from foreplay to post-coital cuddling, all in just under 45 minutes.

[audio:http://electricliterature.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/EL-Sex.mp3|titles=EL Sex]

01. Friend of Time — Brightblack Morning Light: Husband & wife duo wear feathers, make this music. I recommend the album in its entirety for your seduction-related needs. — Anna Prushinskaya

02. I am Pentagon — The Make Up: To me, this song is a less corny way of saying “YOU COMPLETE ME.” Or, a less dirty way of saying “YOUR (protuberance of choice) FITS SO NICELY IN MY (orifice of choice).” And I don’t care who you are, you have to admit that this song is SEXY as FUCK. — Julia Jackson

03. I Wanna Be Your Lover— Prince: Can’t have a sexymix without Prince.– Anna Prushinskaya

04. Speak Her Sex — Yelawolf (feat. Nikkiya): There is just something so powerful when a confident woman sings about sex, especially when it’s backed by a haunting, pumping bass line. The twisting Yelawolf & Nikkiya verses & choruses remind me of a couple under dark seedy lights with smoke-filled air making out as they undress, and I like that. — Topher Scotton

05.Touch Me (I Want Your Body) — Samantha Fox: This song makes me want to put on frosted pink lipstick and a shiny spandex leotard and wildly grind my pelvis. — Julia Jackson

06. My Neck, My Back –Khia: I first heard this song after asking my sister to make me a rap mix so I could get my swagger on in middle school. The mix consisted of hits like Bombs Over Bahgdad by Outkast, Juicy by Notorious B.I.G., and Ruff Ryders by DMX, and, at the end of the mix, was this gem, which opened my wet dream-gleaming eyes to the feminine wilds. I’m still not entirely sure what my sister’s intention was all those years ago, but I like to think that she was looking out for my future lady adventures, which anyone who has tangled sheets with me can attest. Was that boasting? — Topher Scotton

07. Bump N’ Grind (Remix) — R. Kelly: Can’t have a sexymix without R. Kelly. — Anna Prushinskaya

08. Rented Rooms — Tindersticks: One time, this guy I was dating tried to woo me by making me a series of cassette tapes, mixed by hand, featuring an assload of sexy love songs. This song was on one of the tapes. Apparently this method of wooing works: I’m moving into his apartment next month. — Julia Jackson

09. You Left the Water Running — Otis Redding: A track about heartbreak that masquerades as an upbeat tune, this is a sad song in a sexy disguise — Otis may have written this one on a role-playing kick. Forget about speaking from the heart, Redding is singing from the spleen. Recommended for those on the rebound or anyone who cries during sex. — Benjamin Samuel

10. Shiny & New — Mayer Hawthorne: This song is a guilty pleasure of mine, but not because it is bad song — not by any means is this a bad track. No, in fact I like to put it on after making relations with a lady. It helps me lull them into a false sense of security before I kick them out. –Topher Scotton

11. Pale Blue Eyes — The Velvet Underground: I wish I loved anything as much as Lou Reed loved his muse for this song, which is to say, I wish I loved anything as much as Lou Reed loves heroin (put that on a candy heart). — Benjamin Samuel

PS. Guess what ladies! Ben is single! and handsome, smart, funny and kind! What a catch!

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