Literary Worlds Collide: Electric Literature, Gigantic, and Tumblr Bookend the BK Book Fest

by Sean Campbell

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We did it right on Monday night to start off the bookend events leading up to the Brooklyn Book Festival. There was drinking, dancing, and some people allegedly talked about reading and writing and other such things. It was the only bar in Brooklyn (at least that night) that you could hear a mob of people discussing the latest trends in indie publishing, and then step into the next room (where Planet Rump was DJing) to see a gaggle of writers moving to in a broken rhythm that only they could call dancing.

Thanks to Greenhook Ginsmiths and Brooklyn Brewery, the drinks were reasonably priced, and everyone took advantage. Electric Literature’s co-hosts Lincoln Michel and James Yeh represented Gigantic mag, Rachel Fershleiser repped Tumblr and all things bookish.

The conversation was intelligent, the tunes were tight, and enough cheap drinks made everyone seem like James Brown.

Editor’s note: The following slideshow is courtesy of Elise DeChard

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