MAY MIX by Kendra Grant Malone & Matthew Savoca

The Incongruent Mix

We like to play this game when we’re on the train or in the car on a long ride where we try to surprise the other person by playing songs that are really different from each other. One of us will deejay, and just pick song after song, each one as least like the last as we can manage, but you only have the duration of the song that’s currently playing to think of and find the next song that’s least like it. It’s a pretty fun game, so we decided to play it for you. Here’s your incongruent mix.

1. The Knife — You Make Me Like Charity

“Matthew doesn’t listen to a lot of synth pop, so I decided this would be a confusing place to start.” — Kendra

2. Emry Arthur — I Am a Man of Constant Sorrow

“It seemed obvious to go to a hillbilly song next, and I just really like this one.” — Matthew

3. Stevie Wonder — Superstition

“Matthew dances like Elaine Benes and I really just wanted to see him move, and everybody dances to Superstition.” — Kendra

4. Erik Satie — Gymnopedie No. 1

“I was trying to think of classical music that wasn’t from forever ago and this song came to mind and I forgot how damn slow it is.” — Matthew

5. T.I. — What You Know

“Satie is so calm and modest and nobody’s cockier than T.I.” — Kendra

6. Tiny Tim — Tip Toe Thru’ The Tulips With Me

“I felt like this one had to go next so I made Matthew pick it.” — Kendra

7. Nirvana — Pennyroyal Tea

“Whenever I play this game, I am always looking for the perfect spot to put in some Nirvana and this was my chance.” — Matthew

8. Britney Spears — Toxic

“dfkajhlshjskdti jklashd jkuilejflkajslkdf jkd jksajdlijt a ld;asfjk” — Kendra

9. They Might Be Giants — Particle Man

“I wanted to think of a song that was more talky than singy and this was the first thing I thought of.” — Matthew

10. Peaches — Fuck The Pain Away

“They Might Be Giants are pretty cute and Peaches is pretty not cute.” — Kendra

11. Flight Of The Conchords — Think About It

“From serious-unserious to unserious-serious, if that makes any sense. We have this song memorized.” — Matthew

12. Motorhead — Ace Of Spades

“Once I saw my friend Adam Robinson do a seizure-like dance to this song in a bar. He was bewitched. “ — Kendra

13. Andrea Bocelli — Besame Mucho

“This was both our tiny Italian Grandpops’ favorite song.” — Matthew

14. Midnight Juggernauts — Into The Galaxy

“I just wanted to see Matthew bust a move again.” — Kendra

15. Lucinda Williams — Changed The Locks (WXPN Live At The World Cafe)

“I was starting to get hungry.” — Matthew


— Kendra Grant Malone was born in 1984. Her first book of poetry, Everything is Quiet, was published by Scrambler Books in 2010. Her second book of poetry, Morocco, co-written with Matthew Savoca was published by Dark Sky Books in 2011. She lives in Brooklyn. Read more about her at

Matthew Savoca was born in 1982 in Pennsylvania, and now lives in New York and PA where he works as a carpenter. His novel I Don’t Know I Said just came out from Publishing Genius Press last month.

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