Midweek Links: Literary Links from Around the Web (August 4th)

All the best literary links that are fit to, well, link

Everyone knows that writers don’t make any money… except these rich bastards

Curious how a book cover gets designed? Dana Schwartz talks to the creative director of Penguin Books

Publisher’s Weekly’s most anticipated books of the fall

Will serialized fiction convert binge-TV watchers to rabid readers?

If you are one of those readers who hordes books, here’s how to thin your shelves

Drew Magary talks about his absurdist fantasty adventure The Hike

How Malka Older’s Infomacracy is the best antitiode to the 2016 election

A new lit mag is accepting submissions! But only from robot writers…

Why women crime writers aren’t a fad

You learn a lot from reading great books, but you can learn from horrible books too

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