NOVEMBER MIX by Steve Roggenbuck


most of my waking life im on the computer !!!! this past year i dropped out of my mfa program and i’ve traveled many places to stay with frends while i blog full-time, people who i visit usualy want to show me the city or something, but my faverite thing is just to work for a long time on their couch, I LOVE MY WORK, usualy i listen to songs that energize me on repeat, or if im sad sometims i write poetry and lisen to music that amplifies my emotion also, usualy on repeat !!

1. Justin Bieber — Mistletoe

i lisened to this on repeat for 18 hours straight while living in chicago !! it was early november 2011 a little before i droped out of my mfa program and during the 18 hour period i wrote what would becom the final section of “Somewhere in the bottom of the rain”

2. Childish Gambino — Freaks and Geeks

i lisened to this on repeat in my chicago bedroom in late november 2011 after i droped out, and my life was basicly responding to facebook comments the entire day long, one time i ordered a vegan pizza while lisening to it tho!!!

3. Sonny Moore — Mora

i lisened to this on repeat in my chicago bedroom various time’s in november and december 2011!! once i was lisening to it and respoding to facebook messages for about 4 hours late at night and feeling ecstaticly happy and driven in my work, i remeber taking a photo of myself smileing, ALSO THIS SONG IS MADE BY SKRILLEX BEFORE HE WAS SKRILEX

4. The Album Leaf — Window

i lisened to this on repeat for a couple hour’s while writing my poem “DEAD GIRL, YOU ARE DEAD” in brooklyn january 2012, the poem is realy sad and dark for me but i was in the room with abotu 4 of my friends and they were watching tv and talking and happy when i was writieng my sad poetry

5. Breathe Carolina — The Birds and the Bees

i lisened to this on repeat many times in atlanta, chicago, and austin in february and march, this is the main song i lisened to while aranging layout and final revisions of CRUNK JUICE, it may b my favorite song i discovered this year !! i saw breath carolina at SXSW ?

6. Ellie Goulding — Lights (Bassnectar remix)

i lisened to this on repeat for some of my 28-hour train ride from chicago to austin in early march, on the train i wrote poetry constantly, ate a entire 15 ounce cotainer of peanut butter, and masurbated 3 times, also i originaly found out this song from a haloween party in chicago when i dresed up as a satanic kity cat

7. Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! — We R Who We R (Ke$ha cover)

i lisened to this on repeat when i was responding to facebook coments on my friends’ couch in austin texas!! i feel like the couch was turqiouse ?? i cant realy remeber for sure!!! one day in austin i spent abotu 15 hours in a row “in the zone” of my computer work though and i was realy happy

8. Lil B — Pussy On My Face

i lisened to this on repeat after my frend in north carolina went asleep and it was around 3am and i was responding to facebook comment’s lying on her floor in the dark and my face was lit up by my computer

9. Lil B — Rich Bitch

i lisened to this on repeat all night at a cafe in los angeles that had too-slow wifi !! i had to download the mp3 because the youtub file kept bufering, and the mp3 download errored and my mp3 of the song cuts off but ive still lisened to it over 100 times like that, after leaveing the cafe i tried to find vegan cookie dough at a store but i didnt find any

10. Cody Simpson — All Day

i lisened to this on repeat in the uc santa cruz library when i was responding to twitter @-mentions and a woman with noise-canceling headphones 20 feet away from me walked over and asked me to turn it down and i felt realy ticked off by her request, i got up and walkedd into the stacks of the library and i found an isolated table so i could listen to it loudly on my own

11. For All Those Sleeping — You Belong With Me (Taylor Swift cover)

i lisened to this on repeat while responding to facebook messages on my friend’s futon in oakland, ca !! the futon has a missing bar so its uncomfortable to sit on, and its like, if you lean back you feel like your reclining too far? so u have to sit up, via your own will??

12. Michael Andrews — Gretchen Ross (Donnie Darko soundtrack)

i lisened to this on repeat in my friends sofa in seatle in the middle of the night in mid-may, i was writing a sad love poem that i would later cut up and use for various things, his sofa is brown, many nights at his apatrment i was awake on the computer until dawn and i woud hear birds before dawn and love my life

13. Carly Rae Jepsen — Call Me Maybe

i lisened to this on repeat for 5 hours while responding to twitter @-mentions and facebook messages in portland in may 2012, i was siting on my friend keegan’s sofa all afternoon like this, near the end i told him “haha i’ve been lisening to ‘call me maybe’ on repeat for like 5 hours,” and he said “i know, i can hear it”

14. Justin Bieber — Take You

i lisened to this on repeat in the u.p. of michigan on my friends couch around july 4th time range and most of my friends were at a firework show, my other friends were there watching x-games high-jump for motorcycle and there was also a pug in the room, also i lisened to this on repeat in brooklyn while i slept one night in august

15. Waka Flocka Flame — Rooster in my Rari

i lisened to this on repeat all afternoon once in august in brooklyn at my friend ben’s apartment on his sofa, i was on the sofa all day lisening to this and bounceing around responding to facebook coments and making image macros

16. Secondhand Serenade — End

i lisened to this on repeat on the train to montreal in september when i drafted a lot of poetry and by the time i got to montreal i felt very emotional i felt realy apreciative of my life, i also lisened to this on repeat in massachussets while slideing around my friends apartment in my socks eating applesauce out of 4-ounce cups

17. Lil B — Pretty Boy

i lisened to this on repeat as part of a 2-song playlist of this song and “fuck me” by lil b, my frend was gone at work in chicago and i was in her room but the light bulb burnt out so i was jus in her dark room like a cave, i searched my name on tumblr and twitter and i replied to people and i told them thank you and i folowed their blogs back

— Steve Roggenbuck is a traveling poet/blogger. His work has been covered by Know Your Meme and the New York Times Style Magazine. All his artistic output is available for free on

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