NOVEMBER MIXTAPE by Timothy Willis Sanders

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Songs for Chill, Sad, Romantic People

Here is a list of songs I like and how they make me feel. I hope you listen to these songs and they make you feel the same as they make me feel. It’s doubtful though, since you have your own experiences and preferences based on those experiences, but there may be one or two songs here that you can identify with.

1. Ducktails — Roses

This song feels like someone took every sound I heard at the age of 6 or 7 and combined them into one song.

2. Donnie & Joe Emerson — Baby

This song feels like a man crying in the middle of the street remembering all the events happening in this song.

3. Sade — The Sweetest Taboo

This song feels like a well-written romance novel by a Moroccan writer who only wears white and smokes bidis.

4. George Harrison — If Not For You

This song feels like a sad clown’s ode to big rubber shoes.

5. Ariel Pink — Life in L.A.

This song feels like sitting on a hot couch, coming down off an expensive drug, and watching “Fire Walk with Me” on a loop.

Matt Meets Vik

6. CAN — Sing Swan Song

This song feels like an enchanted mountain cave where men with large mustaches sit in hot mineral water and talk about what email will be like in the future.

7. China Crisis — Red Sails

This song feels like being 15 and crushing hard on the foreign exchange student who is tall and always smells like a forest.

8. Bob Dylan — Simple Twist of Fate

This song feels like lying in the back of a truck and seeing mini-malls over the lip of the bed.

9. Molly Nilsson — The Lonely

This song feels like being in your room alone with a headache, subscriptions to multiple porn sites, and something in the microwave.

10. Arthur Russell — A Little Lost

This song feels like a small pigeon feather floating at the edge of space.

11. John Maus — And the Rain…

This song feels like a church service where the pastor is preaching, “love people and party” in a solemn tone.

12. OMD — Extended Souvenir

This song feels like wearing shades and dancing with a girl named Bobby or Hunter at your best friend’s wedding.

13. Guided by Voices — My Valuable Hunting Knife

This song feels like a pair of old, mud-caked boots at the edge of a long porch.

14. Boy Friend — Lovedropper

This song feels like an orchestral choir freestyle rapping the same 16 bars while simultaneously crying so much the bottom of their robes are wet.

Matt Meets Vik

by Timothy Willis Sanders


Timothy Willis Sanders is the author of Orange Juice and Other Stories. His work has appeared in Muumuu House, Hobart and VICE. His new novel Matt Meets Vik is available now. He lives in Austin, Texas.

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