Riding with Jesus Part VIII: a badbadbad tour blog (and contest)

Editor’s Note: Jesús Ángel Garcia, author of Badbadbad, is blogging his book tour. This is his eighth installment.

Lit Love from the Lonesome Highway

Here’s a reading from a few books and literary journals I’ve been collecting on this road trip. Featured titles include Emergency Room Wrestling, Big Lucks, The National Virginity Pledge, Grixly Sixteen, and Two With Water.

Your Chance for a Handsome Reward

First person to guess in the comments below where this reading takes place will receive a free copy of badbadbad.

In some ways, this reading is a tribute to (or parody of) the reading style of an author many of you know. Guess the name and win a free badbadbad mp3 soundtrack.


Playlist highlights: Eric Dolphy, John Coltrane, Charles Mingus & Amy Winehouse (RIP):

Next up: Lit touring’s just like life in Cambridge, New Hope & Doylestown. Then: high times in Pittsburgh.

— Jesús Ángel García is rocking his transmedia novel, badbadbad, all over the U.S.A. Lock up your daughters and hide your wife. 7500 miles and counting, the tour is sponsored by OPEC and Saudi Aramco. Opening for HBO Def Poetry Jam alum Brian Dykstra, Jesus plans to terrorize Manhattan tonight at Mike Geffner’s The Inspired Word. Chicago beware: Sunday Salon and (Tues) So You Think You Have Nerves of Steel? Details on The Map.

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