Riding with Jesus Part XI: a badbadbad tour blog

Editor’s Note: Jesús Ángel Garcia, author of Badbadbad, is blogging his book tour. This is his eleventh installment.

Lit Love from Lonesome Highway II

This week’s digital reading features excerpts from a handful of hot Indie Pittsburgh pick-ups — i, scorpion (Karen Lillis), Magenta’s Adventures Underground (Carol Lewis), A Zine About Billy (Danny Mac) — and The Dwarf (Pär Lagerkvist), a literary classic from the death metal hinterlands of Great White Europe. There’s a sophisticated feat of basement athleticism at the end of this installment. I challenge all y’all at the next arcade tournament along the tour route. Topeka? Boulder? Salt Lake City? You’re on.


Playlist highlights: Soundgarden, Nirvana Unplugged, Cop Shoot Cop, especially “Ten Dollar Bill”:

Next up: Punks, Zines & Drugs ’til Dawn: High Times in Pittsburgh (you’ve gotta read it to believe it).

— Jesús Ángel García is and is not badbadbad. His transmedia novel cum live literary circus, sponsored by Westboro Baptist Church and the LGBT Alliance of San Francisco, hits Dante’s in Portland on Sunday, August 14th. Be very afraid.

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