Sam Pink kills it at the launch party for RONTEL

Monday, March 11: Electric Literature and Lazy Fascist Press joined forces at Housing Works Bookstore to celebrate the release of Sam Pink’s novel Rontel, which Joe Meno describes as “funny as hell, searingly honest, and urgently real… It puts to shame most modern fiction.” Tao Lin calls it “the funniest book I have ever read.”

Pink’s reading was preceded by appearances from Cameron Pierce (LFP editor), Kirsten Alene, J David Osborne, Spencer Madsen, and Scott McClanahan (who was interviewed by our own Juliet Escoria on The Outlet this week).

Here’s how the partnership is working: For the hep techie folk, we’re publishing the e-book version, which you can buy here and here. For the traditional reader, Lazy Fascist is publishing the hard copy of the book. It has real white pages and black ink — just like your mamma used to read to you from.

Either way it’s a steal, and — if we may say so ourselves — a fucking hilarious, brilliant read. Don’t just take our word for it though, read an excerpt here.

Without further delay, here are some photos from the reading. (Check out the complete album on our Facebook page.)

1. Cameron Pierce. 2. Kirsten Alene.

1. J. David Osborne. 2. Spencer Madsen.

1. Scott McClanahan. 2. The guest of honor, Mr Sam Pink.

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— Elissa Goldstein is one-half of The Outlet’s editorial team. (The other half is here.)

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