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    Saguaro by Carson Mell
    Our second novel features sex, drugs, rock & roll, and a dose of redemption.

    Rontel by Sam Pink
    Thought Catalog says our first novel may be Sam Pink’s “best work to date.”

    Electric Literature 6
    Nathan Englander
    Mary Otis
    Matt Sumell
    Steve Edwards
    Marc Basch

    Electric Literature 5
    Kevin Brockmeier
    J. Robert Lennon
    Lynne Tillman
    Carson Mell
    Ben Greenman

    Electric Literature 4
    Javier Marias
    Joy Williams
    Patrick deWitt
    Ben Stroud
    Roberto Ransom

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    The Brave New World of Choicefic

    Interactive fiction can go far beyond adolescent Choose Your Own Adventures stories, offering intricate plot lines and new approaches to character development. [...]

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