VIDEO: How Literature Can Improve Your Life

If you read Electric Literature, then you probably do not need to be convinced that reading is great. However, if you have a relative or acquaintance who asks you, “What’s the point of reading literature?” you can direct them to the above video from The School of Life. The neatly animated video points out four major reasons to read literature:

#1: It saves us time (by giving us access to events, emotions, and situations that would take forever to experience in real life)

#2: It makes us nicer (by letting us experience different people’s points of view and increasingly our empathy)

#3: It’s a cure for loneliness (since we learn that other people share our own feelings and ideas)

#4: It prepares us for failure (by letting us see characters struggle, fail, and succeed)

After they watch the video, recommend them your favorite book!

(hat tip Lifehacker)

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