You think you don’t have time to read? Think again. There are plenty of awesome stories you can read in the time it takes to wait for the doctor or take the subway to work. This infographic, created by Ebook Friendly, lists 24 that you could literally read in 24 hours. Admittedly, many of these are closer to short stories than novellas or novels, but they are well worth your time. We can especially recommend Jim Shepard’s “Safety Tips for Living Alone” which was originally published here, in Electric Literature’s Recommended Reading!

And for more great short book recommendations, check out our list of 17 amazing books you can read in a sitting.


24 books to read in under an hour (infographic) | Ebook Friendly

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  1. Janco

    Flowers for Algernon, the novel(la) version, not the short story, although that is almost as good, is definitely worth a mention as a quick read. Can’t remember the author off hand, I’m afraid.

    • Wendy

      It’s by Daniel Keyes and it is one of the most inspirational, emotional roller-coasters ever written.

  2. Penny M

    The Strange Library by Haruki Murakami takes about 20 mins to read and is great for a train journey or when you don’t have time for a long read.

  3. Lorraine Berry

    I’m pleased to have such a list as I am the kind of person who has to have a book with me at all times, just in case I have to wait longer than I was expecting for an appointment, or on the train, or even standing in line to renew my driver’s license or buy tickets for an event.

    But, with all due respect, did you happen to notice that 21/24 of the authors named were men? Perhaps this was an accident of not paying attention, but I have been making a consistent effort to be aware of how these types of imbalances sneak into our recommendations, which then reinforces the lack of attention given to writing done by someone other than a man.

    Still, I look forward to reading some of these books that I have not read before.

    • Lincoln Michel

      Hi Lorraine,

      I think that’s a very fair criticism! For the record, we didn’t make the infographic, we only reposted it. We try to be sure to have diverse lists of books and authors when we create our own lists and infographics. But, yes, 21 out of 24 is way out of whack!

  4. Link Love

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