CONTEST: #LitWords

In Carson Mell’s Saguaro, when fading rockstar Bobby Bird tell his ex she isn’t the type to swear, she is pretty fucking displeased.

“What you think you invented cuss words?”
“No,” I said, but in reality I had — I’d made up three of them, popularized them with my songs. One of them, snisper, was in common use in Australia.

Censors and decency forbid us from telling you what “snisper” really means. But to celebrate Bobby Bird’s contributions to language — as well as the release of our second novel — we’re holding a #LitWords contest today on Twitter!

The rules:

1. Starting today (11/13) at 9 a.m., tweet invented literature-inspired words and definitions with the #LitWords hashtag.
2. Enter as many times as you want, but get your last word in by 11:59 p.m. on November 13.
3. Author Carson Mell will select 5 winners to receive free copies of Saguaro (ePub or Kindle)
4. The creator of the best #LitWords tweet will also get an Electric Literature flask. Runners-up will be featured here on The Outlet.
NB: Don’t forget to use the #LitWords hashtag.


Dallow — n. When someone else buys the flowers you meant to buy yourself. #litwords

Manleypoint — v. To seduce someone in order to steal their wallet (or wooden leg). #litwords

Wendy — adj. Disposed to falling in love with immature men. #litwords

Loompa — n. An unpaid factory worker. #litwords

Lenny — v. To unwittingly kill the one you love. #litwords

Bretteastonellisious — adj. So frequently offensive that people stop listening. #litwords


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