Perla Kantarjian

Perla Kantarjian is an award-winning Lebanese-Armenian poet, editor, and journalist, currently studying for her MA in Creative Writing (Poetry) at the University of East Anglia as the 2021 Sonny Mehta Scholar. Perla was formerly the executive editor of Carpe Diem, the literary segment of the leading Lebanese Annahar Newspaper. Her work focuses on exploring transgenerational emotional legacies via multilingualism, and her writings have appeared or are forthcoming in over 30 publications, including The Poetry Society, Ambit, International Literary Quarterly, The Hellebore, Annahar Newspaper, The Armenian Weekly, Bookstr, and more. Perla’s poem, “HALF WOMAN, HALF STARLIGHT” has been selected to be launched to and archived on the lunar surface with the Lunar Codex project through the SpaceX – Intuitive Machines Nova-C Lander in Jan 2023. Her website is