If You’re as Obsessed with Wordle as We Are, Give These Spin-Offs a Try

Girdle, Curdle, and Larry Birdle are sure to keep you busy

With so many amazing Wordle spin-offs out there, it can be difficult to keep track of them all! Here’s a helpful guide to some of the very best and most popular iterations.

Girdle just came out last week, but it’s already all the rage! Who knew there were so many different types of female undergarment? Just be careful not to confuse it with Girldle, which is exactly the same as Wordle, but instead of turning green, the squares turn pink.

By now, I imagine you’ve tried Meowdle. But no spoilers in the comments, please! I haven’t found today’s onomatopoeia.

In Lordele, you have to sing the right mystery lyric from “Royals.” It’s almost as fun as Lordle, in which all the answers are names of famous British lords. If that’s a little too highbrow for you, I recommend the daily Curdle to test your knowledge of cheese.

Daredevils are absolutely loving Russian Roulettle. But be careful! If you guess the wrong word, it fries your phone.

And for hybrid dog breed fans, might I suggest the Labradoordle?

You probably haven’t heard of Hipstertle yet, even though it actually came out before Wordle got popular.

I’m also addicted to Prime Nerdle, which features a new 5-digit prime number every 2nd, 3rd, 5th, and 7th day of the week.

For men who find the whole Wordle experience a little too feminine, you’ve got options! I highly recommend Brodle, Testosteronle, or Wordle Max.

I can’t in good conscience endorse Kafkardle. I had a few friends who got really into it, but now they’re trapped in the basement of an unnamed Czech courthouse.

You should also steer clear of Passwordle. Sources have confirmed that it is a phishing scam.

Fans of jump scares are raving about Startle. Just don’t play with headphones on, or if you’re prone to seizures.

Iconoclasttle is making a big splash among the counterculture crowd. It changes the Wordle URL, so you can enjoy the game without acknowledging that it was bought by The Times.

If your current sleep app isn’t doing the trick, Snordle can help. Yesterday, I fell asleep in two minutes!

Maybe you’re looking for something a little more tailored to your interests. Seltzer lover? There’s LaCroixdle. Old-school basketball fan? Give Larry Birdle a try. Objectivist? You’ll love Ayn Randle.

And, of course, for those who don’t understand this obsession and want to abstain, there’s always the daily Boycottle.

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