July Fiction Prompts Culled from the News

Each month we gather some news headlines that are strange enough to be fiction. Here’s yet another batch of headlines to get your creative juices flowing along with suggested genres:

Metafictional Horror: Legendary Nosferatu director’s head stolen from grave

Survivalist Pregnancy Pyromaniac Fiction: Woman gets lost in woods, gives birth, fights bees, starts wildfire

Stoner Noir: Knife-wielding man breaks into house, demands victim “smoke weed with me right now!”

Science Fiction Monster Erotica: Scientists find 50-million-year-old worm sperm

Man vs. Nature vs. Man: Dude named Bear kills a gator who ate his friend that had yelled “Fuck that alligator” before jumping at said gator

Man vs. Cryptid: Texas man claims to have chupacabra in fridge

Scammer Magical Realism: Man’s pet dogs end up being pet endangered bears

Twee Travelogue: Canadian flies over Calgary in balloon chair

Novel of Bad Manners: Drunken wedding in Pretzel Capital of the World descends into massive brawl

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