Last minute writer gift guide!


Still haven’t bought that special something for the special, impoverished writer in your life? Here are some last-minute gift suggestions — you don’t even need to leave your house to buy them.

1. Offer to pay their library fines

Help your writer friend avoid shame and angry librarians.

$ or $$, depending on the extent of your writer friend’s disregard for human decency.

2. Freedom

It’s just like George Michael sang, “Freedom / You’ve gotta give for what you take.” Or in this case, turn off the internet so that you can get some goddamn writing done.


3. Anti-social

This app allows for enforced breaks from social media sites and specific URLs. Your writer can get down to business, but still do fact-checking (ahem) on Wikipedia/Lyrics Mania/Reddit.


4. Fingerless gloves

For the writer who works in a garret or lives in Williamsburg.


5. Scrivener

This word-processing and project management tool was designed especially for novels, short stories, and scripts. It looks complicated but it’s revelatory and amazing.


6. Indie bookstore giftcard

WORD, McNally Jackson, and tons of other independent bookstores all over the country have giftcards which you can buy online.


7. Writing Space membership

A room of one’s own, for as little as $90 a month.

Check out Brooklyn Writers Space and Paragraph.

$90 +

8. Tickets to AWP (Association of Writers and Writing Programs conference)

It’s like Comic Con for lit nerds.

$40 +

9. Writing Workshop

It’s like group therapy for lit nerds.

In New York, check out Sackett Street Writers’ Workshop and Gotham Writer’s Workshop.


10. Writing retreat

Could be fancy, but if you send them somewhere nice they’ll be distracted by the view. The Mosley Motel in Gary, Indiana is a steal for $180/week (cheaper if you’re also a trucker).


11. Trust fund, baby

You don’t need money to write, but it certainly makes the writing life easier. Remove the practical barriers with the gift of a sizable fortune. It worked for Edith Wharton.


Happy holidays!

With love,

Electric Literature

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