October Fiction Prompts Culled from the News

Each month we gather some news headlines that are strange enough to be fiction. Here’s yet another batch of headlines to get your creative juices flowing along with suggested genres — this time a special all-horror October edition:

Evil Clown Horror: Creepy clowns stalk and allegedly try to abduct UK children

Mommy-Monster Fiction: Mother duct tapes children to chairs to force them to watch Mommie Dearest

Novel of Creepily Bad Manners: Neighbor sends notes saying “children look delicious” and asking politely for a taste

Urban Planning Arachnophobia: Important Ohio bridge infested with thousands of spiders

Happy Loving Child Horror: Woman sues 12-year-old nephew for happily hugging her until her wrist broke

Body Horror: Woman mixes up eye drops and glue, glues friend’s eyes shut

Rampaging Moose Monster Fiction: Epic moose battle rages in suburb

Produce Crime: Violent (yet healthy-eating) teen charged with assaulting teacher with a carrot

Devil Dog Horror: Man’s dog gets him drunk, drives him in car (or so he claims when arrested)

Mini-Kaiju Monster Battle: Pigeon and rat battle in NYC park

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