Working Titles of Famous Novels

How ‘Trimalchio in West Egg’ became ‘The Great Gatsby’ and other famous name changes

If you’ve ever wondered if great authors struggle with titles, the answer is yes and Jonkers has created an infographic that proves it. Here are the original titles of some of literature’s most famous novels, and explanations for how the books ended up with the names that they have today. The list includes more than one close call, because A Thing That Happened just doesn’t have the same ring as Of Mice and Men.

Working titles of famous novels:Pride and Prejudice: First ImpressionsThe Secret Garden: Mistress MaryLittle Dorrit: Nobody's FaultThe Great Gatsby: Trimalchio in West EggThe Good Soldier: The Saddest StoryLord of the Flies: Strangers from WithinMein Kampf: Four and a Half Years of Struggle Against Lies, Stupidity and CowardiceTo Kill a Mockingbird: AtticusGone with the Wind: Tomorrow Is Another DayLolita: The Kingdom by the Sea1984: The Last Man in EuropeAtlas Shrugged: The StrikeOf Mice and Men: Something That HappenedWar and Peace: All's Well That Ends WellBrideshead Revisited: A House of the Faith

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