Look, the title pretty much explains it all. It’s covers of science fiction books with cats on the cover. You need a reason? It will reaffirm your faith in humanity’s ability to publish books with cats on the cover or something. What more do you want from us? (Maybe you want dogs on SF covers?)

Sci-Fi Cat

dark paradise
Andre Norton

Cat Heinlein cover

Breed to Come

Larry Niven tiger

Astro Cat

the cat from outer space

Cats in Space


Foturne's Wheel

Lord of Thunder

science fiction cat

Shadow singer book cover

Space Cat and the Kittens

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  1. Heather Dawson

    You left off Anne McCaffrey’s books series – Tales of the Barque Cats, the Doona series, and The Catteni Sequence (a.k.a. The Freedom series). As well as some others. But I would’ve forgiven you those, if you’d had included Anne’s works.


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