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Electric Literature

Halimah Marcus
Executive Director

Denne Michele Norris

Jo Lou
Books Editor

Katie Robinson
Social Media Editor

Wynter K Miller
Associate Editor

Michelle Chikaonda
Contributing Editor

Elisa Gabbert, John Cotter, and Ruoxi Chen
Advice Columnists, “The Blunt Instrument”

Kristopher Jansma
Columnist, Unfinished Business”

Manuel Betancourt
Film Columnist

Jacqueline Alnes, Samantha Cheh, Tyrese Coleman, Deirdre Coyle, McKayla Coyle, Elyse Martin, Greg Mania, Carrie V. Mullins, Richa Kaul Padte, J.R. Ramakrishnan, Deirdre Sugiuchi, Adam Vitcavage, Frances Yackel, Jaeyeon Yoo
Contributing Writers

Bekah Waalkes, Laura Schmitt, Chris Vanjonack
Editorial Interns

Recommended Reading

Halimah Marcus

Alyssa Songsiridej
Managing Editor

Wynter K Miller
Associate Editor

Brandon Taylor

Benjamin Samuel
Co-founder and former co-editor (2012–2014)

Catherine Ho, Beverly Rudy, Katie Machen
Senior Readers

Kristina Busch, Emily Gaines, Fernanda Hong, Tzu Hsien Huang, Lenna Jawdat, Asela Kemper, S Elizabeth Sigler, Maddy Adams, Aya Burton, Eliza Browning, Melissa Dittrich, Jerakah Greene, David Gushue, Alizée Jean Jacques, Willem Marx, Hailey Myers, Kyla Walker, Yuan Lisa Zhuang

The Commuter

Kelly Luce

Alyssa Songsiridej
Managing Editor

Wynter K Miller
Associate Editor

Alyx Chandler, Alyssandra Tobin, Willem Marx
Poetry Readers

Amanda K Horn, Ruth LeFaive, David Lewis, Sophia Noulas
Prose Readers

Board of Directors

Andy Hunter
Founder and Board Chairman

Nicole Cliffe

Michael Cunningham

Danielle McConnell

Sean McDonald

Sara Nelson

Meredith Talusan


For all general inquiries and pitches, please email editors@electricliterature.com. For pitches, please include “PITCH” in the subject line. This email address may also be used to request accessibility accommodations.

For inquiries regarding charitable contributions, membership, advertising, sponsorships, and merchandise, please email Alyssa Songsiridej: alyssa@electricliterature.com.

For submission inquiries, or to withdraw a work previously submitted, please visit our Submittable page: https://electricliterature.submittable.com/submit.

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