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Electric Literature periodically accepts submissions of short stories, essays, poetry, and comics during designated submission periods through Submittable. General information for these categories are below, and specific information on submission period dates can be found on our Submittable page.

For detailed guidelines and to submit, visit our Submittable page: electricliterature.submittable.com.

We announce open submission periods one to two weeks in advance. The best way to find out about upcoming submissions windows is to subscribe to our eNewsletter, and to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Please familiarize yourself with the work we publish before submitting.

Member Submissions  – All Categories, Year Round

Never wait for an open submission period again! Members of Electric Literature who make a monthly contribution of $5 or more a month get access to year-round submissions in any genre, with a guaranteed response time of under three months. Become a member and submit your work today!

Member-exclusive submission links for essays, The Commuter and Recommended Reading can be found in the welcome email you received upon subscribing. If you can’t find the email or did not receive one, please contact Alyssa Songsiridej: alyssa@electricliterature.com.

Recommended Reading - Fiction

Electric Literature’s weekly fiction magazine, publishing short stories and novel excerpts by today's most dynamic voices every Wednesday, recommended by your favorite writers.

Accepts previously unpublished fiction of 2,000 to 10,000 words.

Two 1-week submissions periods per year, usually in Spring and Fall.

Response time: 6 to 8 months

Pay: $300

For candid advice from our editors on how to make your stories stand out, watch our video "How to Get Published in Recommended Reading."

The Commuter - Flash Fiction, Poetry, Graphic Narrative

Electric Literature’s second weekly magazine, publishing strange and diverting poetry, flash fiction, and graphic narratives every Monday.

Accepts previously unpublished fiction, poetry, and graphic narrative under 1,500 words.

Four 1-week submissions periods per year.

Response time: 3 months

Pay: $100

For candid advice from our editors on how to make your poems, flash, graphic, and experimental narratives stand out, watch our video "How to Get Published in The Commuter."

Personal and Critical Essays

Electric Literature's essays examine books and culture through a personal and critical lens. We prefer full submissions on spec but accept detailed pitches as well. Instead, email a detailed pitch to editors@electricliterature.com with the subject line [ESSAY PITCH]. Pitches should describe the subject matter of the essay (which must be about books, writing, storytelling or narrative media like movies, games, and TV) and give a sense of the argument you plan to make or the story you plan to tell. We welcome thoughtful considerations of new releases, overlooked classics, childhood favorites—anything that can illuminate or be illuminated by the human experience. Requests for Electric Literature to cover your book or your client's book are not considered pitches. If your story is immediately time-sensitive or news-responsive, indicate this in your subject line; otherwise, please wait at least a week to follow up.

Pay: $100

For candid advice from our editors on how to make your pitches stand out, watch our video "How to Pitch Electric Lit."


Send pitches for interviews to jo@electricliterature.com with the subject line "Interview Pitch: [Book] By [Author, Pub Date, Publishing House]." The ideal time to pitch is 2–4 months before the book’s publication date. We're looking for literary fiction, nonfiction, poetry, literature in translation; we're not looking for self-published books, YA, personal development, self-help, cookbooks, romance, crime or mass-market mystery, or children's literature. Please include information about yourself and relevant clips, the book, the author, whether you're in touch with the author or publisher already (it's okay if you're not), and what you'd like to talk to the author about. Note that we're interested in themes, rather than craft-based interviews about the writing/editorial/revision/publishing process. Please wait at least a week to follow up.

Pay: $75


Stella Kupferberg Memorial Short Story Prize

The Stella Kupferberg Memorial Short Story Prize is an annual writing competition sponsored by the stage and radio series Selected Shorts. The winning work will be performed and recorded live at a Selected Shorts performance at Symphony Space, and published on Electric Literature. The winning writer will receive $1000 and a free 10-week course with Gotham Writers. Read more about submission deadlines here.