June Fiction Prompts Culled from the News

Each month we gather some news headlines that are strange enough to be fiction. Here’s yet another batch of headlines to get your creative juices flowing along with suggested genres:

Mad Max Fan Fiction: Gigantic runaway saw blade slices into car in China

Inspirational Furniture Fiction: Jesus appears… in an Ikea bathroom door

California Animal Apocalypse (part 1): Thousands of tiny tuna crabs invade Orange County beaches

California Animal Apocalypse (part 2): Hundreds of goats released by mad scientists invade Berkeley

California Animal Apocalypse (part 3): Purple blob monster invades East Bay

raccoon plus gator equals love

Disney Adventure: Raccoon hitches a ride on his buddy the alligator

Survivalist Science Fiction: Scientists emerge from “Martian” dome in Hawaii Volcano

Kitty Body Horror: Woman blinded after pet cat licks her eye

Prison Kitchen Confidential: Inmates escape jail with tools hidden in frozen hamburger meat

Legitimized Monster Fiction: Godzilla becomes official Japanese citizen

Godzilla in Japan

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